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My name is Adi Breuer and I offer coaching in career and life transitioning.


The offer is intended for you who would like to move your current career and life towards something different, something new and maybe more meaningful, fun or joyful. Anyone of you seeking deeper insight into yourself and your life, especially for you who are at a crossroads, facing a challenge or change, when “business as usual” no longer applies, will most likely benefit from coaching.


Is your life calling for a change, but you have no idea how and what to do? Are you feeling numb and confused? Have you lost direction, lost the joy of life, lost your path despite or because of all the achievements? Do you want to have fun again and go on adventures without being held back by reason? Do you seek relationships and life experience overall to be productive, meaningful and enjoyable?


If your interest is sparked and you want to know a little more, then you are invited to watch my video below and scroll down for a bit more reading. On the other hand, if you are serious about making changes in your life and you are ready for a conversation, get started with a FREE call now.

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Hungry for change? You want more in your life? Something different? Ready for fun and interesting exploration of your inner works? Then you’re likely a very good candidate for coaching.


As much as coaches love to work with everyone, the truth is that not every coach is a good fit for you. It’s best to get a sense of what working with a particular coach will be like for you.


The cool thing about this is that you will get a test-run and it won’t cost you anything, and you will already get some very valuable experience out of it – regardless of whether we continue to work together or not.

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Coaching Programs

These are my regular life coaching programs you are invited to choose from. If you prefer a different program please book a call and share with me your ideas. Customization is always an option. My basic hourly rate for Executive Coaching is US$350, for business coaching it is US$225 and for Coach Mentor Coaching it is US$195.

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